Another Disappointing Wrestlemania Booking For Braun Strowman

Another year, another disappointing Wrestlemania booking for one of the most entertaining superstars on either of the main rosters currently. If you haven’t heard yet, Braun Strowman has officially staked his claim on this year’s Andre the Giant Battle Royal during last night’s RAW, and while the match itself has some entertaining spots; it really is known as the WM landing spot for upper/mid-card talents and older superstars (past their prime). Much like the women’s battle royal, it feels like the bout is where the WWE sticks in all remaining superstars that have no program for the flagship event, to ensure “everyone” on the roster gets a Wrestlemania moment.

Regardless, Braun Strowman fits in neither of the above categories at this point in his career; he’s far from an older talent or mid-carder (or upper-mid-carder at this point).

Which it makes it that much more disappointing that the WWE has failed to craft a solid Wrestlemania 35 program for the Monster Among Men. As a main event darling, who often sits within the title picture spectrum for some of the year, Strowman is booked in interesting storylines (or perhaps, he can make the most unappealing feuds entertaining) throughout the year, and once the Road to Wrestlemania hits, it seems as if WWE Creative runs dry and shoves Strowman in the only crack left on the card; trying to throw glitter on it, but we all know that Braun is clearly an afterthought when it comes to the Grandest Stage of Them All.

Which is head-scratching at best. While all main event talents can’t close the show, most should be placed in high-level feuds where they become headliners. Braun Strowman carries Monday Night RAW some weeks, and with his third WM as a singles’ competitor (fourth in his overall main roster career) on the horizon, more thought should’ve been placed for his “Wrestlemania moment” this year. Braun is over with the fans; he can add a flare of entertainment to any match he’s placed in; and his level of star power within the Monday Night RAW roster in comparable to other main eventers, who share a bit more of a prominent role on the WM card. How does the likes of Baron Corbin get a one-on-one, a retirement match with Kurt Angle at that, and Braun gets thrown into a battle royal?

If we dive back and take a look at his history with this flagship event, it seems that during the Wrestlemania 32 season, Strowman was part of the Wyatt Family, so that aside, once he hit singles competition in the spring/summer of 2016, it’s been WM failed booking, after failed booking: Braun’s already been in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal during WM 33 where he lost the match; we all remember his RAW Tag Team Championship win with 11-year-old Nikolas, which made history and was “cute” for younger fans, but did nothing for Braun Strowman and his story; and now for WM 36, he’s back to the Andre the Giant Battle Royal.


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Will Braun Strowman ever get a high-profile Wrestlemania match that can truly add an incredible chapter to this over-the-top superstar? Only time will tell, but here’s hoping the talent doesn’t get frustrated with WWE Creative’s “after-thought” booking of his persona on the Grandest Stage of Them All. With the Indies booming, and the lure of All Elite Wrestling swaying many of his colleagues, the WWE could be out a Monster Among Men before they know it.