Alyssa Milano Calls for Hollywood to Boycott Georgia Over New Bill

Hollywood actress turned radical liberal activist Alyssa Milano launched yet another crazy boycott over the weekend, this time targeting the entire state of Georgia over a new abortion bill.

Fox News reported that Milano took to Twitter on Friday night to call on Hollywood to stop shooting productions in Georgia over the new “heartbeat bill” that she says would “strip women of their bodily autonomy.” She was referring to a bill passed by the Georgia state Senate earlier that day that would limit abortions to six weeks after conception unless the pregnancy came about from rape or incest.

The state currently allows abortions to be performed up to twenty weeks after conception, and victims of rape and incest will still be allowed to have an abortion for up to twenty weeks under the new bill so long as they have filed a police report.

This comes a week after Georgia Film, Music and Digital Entertainment Office’s deputy commissioner said that Georgia is the “number one filming location in the world,” largely due to the good weather there as well as the low production costs.

Milano has called for Georgia boycotts before

This is not the first time that Milano has targeted Georgia with one of her hair-brained boycotts. After the mid-term elections in November, Milano called on Hollywood to boycott the state after Brian Kemp won the gubernatorial election over Democratic candidate Stacey Abrams.

Since Georgia remains the “number one filming location in the world,” however, it seems that nobody jumped onboard Milano’s boycott of the state at the time.

Milano may think that she’s accomplishing some kind of change with her radical leftwing activism, but she really isn’t doing that at all. Instead, all she’s doing is showing the world that she’s a wealthy out-of-touch elitist who has spent her entire life living inside the Hollywood bubble. Milano has no idea what real working class Americans go through every day, nor does she have any idea what our priorities are. It’s time for her to stick to what she knows, which is pretending to be someone else for a living, and to stop trying to tell the rest of us how we should be living our lives.

Enough with the boycotts, Alyssa Milano!

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