It’s been nearly thirteen years since Steve Irwin passed away after being stung by a stingray, but he is still missed by millions of fans all over the world. Now, years later, the cameraman who was with Irwin when he passed has come forward to reveal the beloved icon’s last words.

Time Magazine reported that Irwin was filming a documentary about the world’s deadliest sea creatures when he was several times by a stingray near the Batt Reef in Queensland, Australia. Cameraman Jeremy Lyons, who Irwin described as his “best mate” and “right-hand man,” was there with him and witnessed his death.

“It probably thought that Steve’s shadow was a tiger shark,” Lyons said of the stingray. “So it started to attack him.”

Lyons added that the pointy part of the stingray’s chest went through Irwin’s chest like “a hot knife through butter.”

Lyons and other crew members managed to get Irwin back on the boat and started trying to perform CPR on him. That’s when Irwin turned to Lyons and calmly said, “I’m dying.” Those ended up being his final words.

Though the attack was captured on camera, Lyons said that it would “never” be released. Please be advised that the description of his injuries may be too graphic for some.

Irwin’s legacy still lives on through his wife Terri and his two children, Bindi and Robert. Bindi recently paid tribute to her father on what would have been his 57th birthday with a photo of him holding her when she was a baby along with the caption, “Thank you for always being my guiding light.”

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Thank you for always being my guiding light. ❤️

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Terri recently spoke out to reveal why she has not dated anyone since Steve’s death.

“I feel a connection still with Steve,” she said. “You know when you take those vows, and say ‘we’ll be together as long as we both shall live,’ I really don’t think I would’ve married if I hadn’t met Steve. And he’s very special to me and continues to be.”

Steve had an impact on the lives of millions of people and animals, and we all miss him dearly. Rest in peace, Steve Irwin.