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Over the past eight years, Kate Middleton has become known as one of the most beloved members of the British royal family. That’s why it came as a surprise this week when a top royal biographer revealed that Queen Elizabeth originally did not approve of Kate for one reason.

Fox News reported that royal biographer Katie Nicholls just spoke out to say that the Queen initially “disapproved” of Kate’s “frivolous displays of wealth” before her 2011 marriage to her grandson, Prince William. The Queen was allegedly turned off by Kate’s extravagant lifestyle in London, finding it to be “unpalatable.”

“If [Kate] was not with William at Balmoral then the couple were skiing or holidaying on Mustique,” Nicholls explained in her book “William And Harry.” “Kate was there so often the press dubbed her ‘Queen of Mustique,’ a title that had previously belonged to Princess Margaret.”

“Swanning from one five-star holiday resort to another is not the prerequisite for a young woman possibly destined to be Queen,” a source close to the family explained.

The Queen also disliked Kate being a fixture in the London club scene, especially since the United Kingdom entered a recession in 2008.

“Britain was now in recession and such frivolous displays of wealth were unpalatable to The Queen,” Nicholls wrote.

Kate Middleton turns her life around

At the time, Kate was so “stung by the Queen’s criticism” that she drastically changed her lifestyle and did whatever she could to ingratiate herself to the Queen. Nicholls writes, “the Queen quietly suggested that Kate affiliate herself with a charity and, by September, she was involved with Starlight, which works with seriously and terminally ill children.”

Kate has since gone on to marry William and have three children with him. She no longer spends her time clubbing and traveling to exotic hotspots, instead focusing on charitable work when she is not raising her children.

Given the fact that Kate is arguably seen as one of the most classy and stable royals these days, it’s surprising to learn that the Queen once disapproved of her in any way. We applaud Kate for turning things around and growing up to be the role model she is today. Her story serves as a reminder that regardless of how wild one is in his or her youth, it is never too late to turn things around.