It’s become something of a tradition in Hollywood in recent years to get some sustenance at California’s famous In-N-Out Burger following awards shows. Celebrities big and small are stuffed into form-fitting haute couture for hours and few things sound better than a burger after that. But this award season, the radical anti-meat consumption group, PETA, is calling on those celebrities to boycott the fast food restaurant because they sell *gasp* meat.

In a letter sent to celebrities, including Barbra Streisand, Pharrell Williams, Daniel Craig, and Tyler Perry, PETA trotted out their familiar arguments for not eating meat. The recent wildfires? PETA claims they were caused by climate change. Who’s responsible for climate change? Apparently, cows and, therefore, people who eat beef. So PETA asked them to swap out In-N-Out for a meatless burger at Carl’s Jr. on Oscar night.

Not all celebrities were interested in hearing PETA out.

After the Golden Globes, Julia Roberts posted a photo of her and her husband with In-N-Out with the caption, “Fun Night W My Fella. Congratulations to All! And to all a good (burger) night.”

We know heading to In-N-Out Burger is something of a tradition after the ceremony— but our planet is in crisis(remember how our beloved state was on fire just a few months ago?),” PETA’s Celebrity Relations Manager Rachel Stotts wrote.  “And since animal agriculture is responsible for more environmental destruction than the entire transportation sector, we’re suggesting an alternative: Carl’s Jr. for the Beyond Burger.”

But, but…Carl’s Jr. sells meat, too. If you really think the earth is about to spontaneously combust because of cows, then buying food from a restaurant known for their beef burgers seems like a poor alternative. .

Of course, you have to watch your condiments, too.

“Eating vegan makes us all winners,” Stotts says before signing off. “We hope to see you at Carl’s Jr.! And remember: Ordering without cheese and mayo makes it vegan.

“Enjoy!” she continues.

Not likely.

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