Willie Robertson is well-known for his family’s hit TV series Duck Dynasty. It’s been a major success, and while it is scheduled to end after a long run, Robertson still has plenty of influence.

Robertson endorsed Donald Trump during the GOP Presidential primaries and had stuck with The Donald all the way through his incredible campaign. Willie’s combination of straight-talk and Christian spirituality was a huge draw to many Americans.

You can only imagine what he thought about the women wearing “pussy hats” during the Women’s DC March. You see, Willie was brought up old school, so to watch misfits like Madonna, Scarlett Johannson, Cher, and Ashley Judd say nasty things about our Commander-In-Chief didn’t go over well with him at all.

“There were a lot of pink hats out there, for sure, and it wasn’t my kind of crowd. I was blown away by really the vulgar signs and the language,” he told Fox News’ Ed Henry. “There were children there. I saw children sitting by these signs. Young kids with all this filth on there.”

Watch the entire interview below:

Robertson is a 100 percent true patriot for this country, and he knows what it means to love this nation and protect it through military force and prayer. I agree with him wholeheartedly that it’s embarrassing to watch grown women standing in front of millions acting up like whiny brats.


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