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Robert Redford just became the latest Hollywood star to show his Trump derangement syndrome off to the world when he penned a scathing op-ed urging Americans not to reelect President Donald Trump.

“It is painfully clear we have a president who degrades everything he touches, a person who does not understand (or care?) that his duty is to defend our democracy,” the 82-year-old actor wrote in an op-ed published by The Washington Post. “Meanwhile, those who should be providing the balance our Founding Fathers intended, such as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY.), are instead choosing partisan politics, blind loyalty and extreme, outdated ideologies.”

Robert Redford calls on fans to vote against Trump

To Redford’s credit, he did not go the route taken by many of his fellow Hollywood elites who have called for Trump to either be forcibly removed from office or arrested. Instead, Redford wrote that the way to “fix” this is for his fans not to vote for Trump in 2020.

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“But how do we, as citizens, fix this? Our most powerful tool is still the electoral process. We must not be distracted from the opportunity we have in 2020 to reject hatred and division and choose civility and progress,” he said. “Let’s not talk about impeachment or put all our hopes on the special counsel: The former is mired in Washington politics, and the latter will be once the report is released. Let’s stay focused on taking back our country with the power of our votes.”

It’s amazing how egotistical Hollywood stars are, believing we should actually care what they think about politics. Who does Redford think he is, preaching to us about who to vote for?

Redford has been a wealthy Hollywood icon for well over 50 years, so he has no idea what real, working-class Americans are going through every day. It is these Americans that Trump has been helping, not Redford and the other Hollywood elites. Personally, I’d love to see all Hollywood stars stop ranting and stick to what they’re good at – playing pretend onscreen.

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