More Names Confirmed For Royal Rumble + NJPW Star Confirmed For WWE?

-WWE has now confirmed three more participants in the men’s Royal Rumble match. Over the weekend, via social media, WWE announced that Bobby Lashley, Samoa Joe and Dean Ambrose all will participate in the 30 man event later this month.

Earlier in the weekend, WWE also announced Jeff Hardy would be in the men’s Royal Rumble. Sonya DeVille and Mandy Rose were also announced for the women’s iteration of the match.

With the PPV still a few weeks away, there are plenty of spots left to be filled. Rumors will only begin to heat up now, as we get closer. With the news over the weekend that Kenny Omega is indeed leaving New Japan, he will most likely be the hottest rumored name to be a surprise entrant. Until he either makes an announcement to the contrary, or shows up at the event (or doesn’t), his name will be in the news.

-Speaking of New Japan Pro Wrestling, following their WrestleKingdom event over the weekend, another star also confirmed he was leaving. Initial speculation was that he was possibly heading to WWE. That speculation does appear to be confirmed now.

KUSHIDA was a star for the company, and his contract expires at the end of January. Wrestling News World has stated that once his contract expires, he intends to start work with NXT. Provided he does not change his mind, this would be another nice international signing for WWE. NXT has previously been the initial destination for Japanese stars Shinsuke Nakamura and Asuka, and now also has Io Sharai working in the women’s division.

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