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William Shatner Goes to Bat for ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’

William Shatner is the latest to speak out against the absurd claims that the classic Christmas song "Baby It's Cold Outside" promotes rape culture.

Over the past few weeks, radio stations all over the United States have been submitting to political correctness by banning the song “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” arguing that the Christmas tune “promotes rape culture.” Most Hollywood stars have either stayed silent about this controversy or sided with the liberals who are against the song. That’s why it came as a welcome surprise when legendary actor William Shatner stuck his neck out to defend the song!

After learning that CBC Radio had banned the song, Shatner took to Twitter to urge his fans to call up the station and request that they play it.

“Call in to CBC radio all day and get them to play “Baby It’s Cold Outside” over and over until midnight!” Shatner began, according to Fox News.

Liberal fans were immediately “triggered” by Shatner’s defense of the song, with one writing, “C’mon Bill. Isn’t there something, anything, you can find that is more important to rally for?” Shatner, however, refused to back down.

One fan even said that Shatner was joking, but he immediately shot that down.

Shatner Educates PC Liberals

He educated one naysayer by posting the original video of the song being performed in the 1940s.

Shatner ended up getting his wish when CBC Radio backed down and agreed to withdraw their ban of the song, but the actor still was not satisfied!

This whole controversy surrounding “Baby It’s Cold Outside” has been an alarming example of political correctness gone too far. It shows once again that the left is trying to erase history in order to somehow “purify” us as a society, and even the smallest interpretation of something being “offensive” can result in it being banned. Shatner made some very good points in his tweet storm and we applaud him for having the courage to do battle with the liberal keyboard warriors who are always ready to fire up their pitchforks and launch campaigns to blacklist Hollywood stars who don’t subscribe to their way of thinking.

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