R-Truth Rumble Plans+ News On NXT Call Ups

-The winners of this year’s Mixed Match Challenge got quite the prize. By winning, R-Truth and Carmella secured themselves the 30th and final slot into the Rumble matches. However, as I even remarked at the time, it seems unlikely that Truth will actually show up. It is expected that someone will attack R-Truth behind the scenes and steal his number 30 entry position.

While no names have been mentioned, and it is still too far out to expect more information, there are some plants to explore. Such an angle would make a ton of sense for Lars Sullivan in particular. Other talent that could be behind such an attack? Undisputed Era, for sure, if they were to be called up for the Royal Rumble.

On one hand, giving Truth the 30th slot knowing he won’t use it is sort of disappointing. Many fans (if not all fans) look forward to the reveal of each entrant, hoping for big surprises. However, having us think that #30 is R-Truth, then cutting back to a shot of him on the floor and someone new coming out? It should work out just fine.

-As part of the McMahon family shakeup, we have a bunch of new NXT call ups on their way to one brand or the other. Now that the news is out, we are beginning to hear more about the decisions surrounding the call ups.

Triple H does not want any NXT call ups to fail, as he has a great amount of pride in his pet project. With that in mind, word is that none of the Superstars coming up (outside of Lars Sullivan) is considered to be a top talent. Should any of Lacey Evans, Nikki Cross, EC3 or Heavy Machinery fail, it may not matter as much.

Also, Kairi Sane and Io Shirai were also considered for the elevation to the main roster, but ultimately they were retained for NXT.