Increasingly volatile McMahon threatens WWE “shutdown” if ratings don’t improve

vince McmahonSports-entertainment mogul Vince McMahon is ramping up his aggressive rhetoric once again today, warning employees and fans of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) that he will “gladly shut down WWE’s governance, quite frankly” if he doesn’t see an “immediate and significant” increase in television ratings.

Seemingly taking a page from the playbook of WWE Hall of Famer and US “President” Donald Trump, McMahon tweeted that a shutdown of WWE’s corporate headquarters in Connecticut may be necessary to counteract a recent slump viewership.

An increasingly volatile McMahon called the dip in ratings “unfair and rigged,” though failed to provide evidence that the slump is anything more than the result of well-established phenomena such as shoddy creative, viewer fatigue, and the chronic mismanagement of the Becky Lynch character.

McMahon has staunchly refused to accept any personal blame for what some pundits is a creative draught in WWE, tweeting the boastful claim that “no wrestling promoter has ever given fans what they want more than me.”

While some pundits say the 73-year-old billionaire is becoming increasingly unhinged in his older age, longtime experts retort that McMahon has always been crazier than a pet coon.

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