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USA Today reported that Arnold just came forward to claim that the Secret Service visited his home last month as they investigated the explosive devices that had been mailed to various top lawmakers. Their visit to him came days after he took to Twitter to challenge Trump to a physical fight at one of his rallies.

Ever since Donald Trump took office, entitled Hollywood liberals like Tom Arnold have been under the impression that they can bash the president as much as they want to with no repercussions. Unfortunately for Arnold, however, he just learned that there are consequences to launching deranged attacks on the sitting president.

“I say put up or shut up @realDonaldTrump Me vs You. For America. First body slam wins. Any Rally. Any Time. Between now & the midterms,” Arnold tweeted.

Tom Arnold’s response to his Secret Service visit

Clearly, Arnold was dumb enough to think that challenging the president to a physical altercation would go unnoticed by the Secret Service. Arnold released a recording of his conversation with the Secret Service through Mother Jones along with a statement about his feelings on what went down.

“Thank you David Corn for your fine work as always,” Arnold said, referring to the Mother Jones journalist who broke the story. “Thank you US Secret Service for risking your lives keeping democracy safe. I appreciate you coming to my home on what must’ve been a busy day. I heard your message loud & clear. Words matter. Tone matters. Words can incite violence. Be responsible.”

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While the early part of his statement makes it seem as if Arnold is turning over a new leaf, he reminds us of what a classless liberal he really is in part two when he throws out a backhanded apology.

“I’m sorry Donald Trump hasn’t listened to you all the times you’ve had this exact conversation with him. I’m sorry the President & White House say things that they know could incite violence on the media & US Citizens almost daily. I’m sorry because Secret Service agents are more at risk than anyone & as I learned you are people with kids just like me who just want to know the best place to trick or treat.”

Frankly, we’ve had enough of entitled Hollywood liberals threatening our president, so we’re glad the Secret Service paid Arnold a visit. Hopefully, Arnold and his liberal friends will think twice before they go after the president again!

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