Plans For Ronda Rousey, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch

-Until Becky Lynch suffered an injury at the hands of Nia Jax on the RAW prior to Survivor Series, we were headed for Lynch versus Rousey. The build toward that match was working well, and many were looking forward to the match. WWE replaced Becky Lynch with Charlotte Flair for Sunday.

Now we have seen that, as you’d expect, WWE still plans on revisiting a Becky Lynch – Ronda Rousey match in the future. But before Rousey would take on Lynch, the expectation is that WWE will book a rematch between the RAW Women’s Champion and Charlotte Flair.

All signs currently point to Rousey and Flair clashing at January’s Royal Rumble. Once that match is concluded, WWE would be free to start building toward the clash fans had thought they’d see in November. Talk currently suggests that we could finally get the Becky Lynch-Ronda Rousey match in New Jersey as part of next year’s WrestleMania.

While signs do point to a one on one match as of this moment, that does not mean the match is etched in stone. It is entirely possible WWE will decide that three is better than two, and make the match into a triple threat. A women’s match with Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey should be in the discussion to main event WrestleMania. A women’s match between Lynch, Rousey and Charlotte Flair should have no issues closing the show.

Obviously a lot can change between now and then. WWE officials could sour on the match, or one of the Superstars could suffer an injury that keeps them on the shelf for the biggest show of the year. Another wrinkle which is not yet known, is whether either, both or neither of Lynch and Rousey would be champion at that time. With the brand split, unification seems to be a long shot, however it would seem strange to tie up both women’s titles in a single match on such a big show-even though it would be a massive match.

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