No Big WM 35 Plans For Braun Strowman

– While Braun Strowman snagged a Universal Championship match on RAW last night, as well as an opportunity to ‘get those hands’ on General Manager Baron Corbin, Wrestling Observer Radio’s Dave Meltzer recently reported that there is a huge angle that will be a part of Brock Lesnar’s storyline in the near future, but it nothing to do with Strowman. While The Beast Incarnate is supposedly working the 2019 Royal Rumble, there is no word yet on just who he will be facing, whether that be Strowman, or perhaps fitting Seth Rollins or Drew McIntyre into the equation.


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@stephaniemcmahon attempts to make a deal with #TheMonsterAmongMen @adamscherr99 to ensure a win for Team Raw #SurvivorSeries #Raw

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Having said that, with Brock Lesnar’s limited schedule within the WWE, it may be difficult to fit in a Monster Among Men versus Beast Incarnate Universal Championship bout, which will be even harder to do, as Meltzer is also reported on Wrestling Observer Radio that Strowman versus Lesnar is not in the plan for Wrestlemania 35.

In the land of the WWE, things can always change; however, it’s been also recently reported that several sources have claimed that there are some concerns over Braun, backstage that is. As per the report, the Monster Among Men tends to leave early at shows, and arrives late, which may be the reason for his lack of push into the title race picture as of late.

– It’s been a long while since the WWE Universe has seen Bray Wyatt within television storylines on Monday Night RAW, and many fans are looking forward to his return. Wyatt is infamous for his cryptic posts on Twitter; however, many fans raised some eyebrows last night during Monday Night RAW, when Bray hopped on the social media platform to post some really weird ones, with a pattern of the number 4 emerging in many of them. Moreover, as interesting as the reference to ‘4’ was, one of the tweets also mentions “Dr. Mercy”; with Waylon Mercy (Dan Spivey) being speculated as the base of Wyatt’s prior WWE persona.

Tweets below:

To add to all this, Luke Harper also jumped on Twitter last night to relay a cryptic tweet of his own, one in which Bray Wyatt replied to right away:


Are we seeing a reunion of the Wyatt Family soon, potentially with a stable of four versus three this time around? Only time will tell …