murphy brown canceled anti trump

Rumors are swirling that the Candice Bergan reboot of “Murphy Brown” has been canceled due to low ratings, seemingly because of its anti-Trump rhetoric.

Breitbart reports, “CBS is cutting bait with its re-booted, President Trump-bashing sitcom, Murphy Brown, announcing it will not renew the show after its first 13 episodes, according to reports.”

It’s long been the case that the Hollywood left is out-of-touch with what the average American thinks and feels. Too many liberals in entertainment assume that their same anti-conservative beliefs are also shared by large swaths of the public.

And then reality catches up with them.

“The Candice Bergan-fronted comedy came back with much fanfare as a full-throated attack on President Donald Trump, but lackluster ratings dogged the show from its very first episode.”

The show had disappointing ratings since it’s debut in September. CBS claims it had always only planned to have a 13 episode run. Diane English, the creative force behind the series, is claiming that news of the show’s demise are false and there will be a second season.

We think that between CBS’s claims and English’s, the folks behind Murphy Brown doth protest too much.

Murphy Brown “often seems more interested in being self-righteous than entertaining”

Perhaps the show that NBC News once described as “unapologetically anti-Trump” didn’t do so well precisely because of its politics.

“Candice Bergen’s ‘Murphy Brown’ is here to preach her anti-Trump views to whoever will listen,” wrote NBC News’ Ani Bundel in September. “The result is a show that at times can be screamingly funny, but often seems more interested in being self-righteous than entertaining.”

Self-righteous indeed. In a television field chocked full of anti-Trump venom – form Saturday Night Live, to virtually every late night show, to news outlets like MSNBC and CNN – the last thing many Americans want is another Trump hate-fest.

So many in Hollywood seem to forget that despite how they feel about the president, America elected him. Nearly 62 million people voted for Trump. Presumably many of them have televisions, computers, smartphones, and other streaming devices.

A big part of the reason the original “Roseanne” reboot did well is that its lead character was pro-Trump. Part of the reason the Roseanne-less “The Conners” hasn’t done as well is because it no longer features this important original conservative component.

People liked “Roseanne” because of Roseanne, including her political views.

People are tired of being preached to by Hollywood, and not just the conservatives and Trump supporters. The self-righteousness of Hollywood is tiring. It’s a major turn off to even those who might not be all that political.

It’s no surprise many of these anti-Trump programs are doing poorly. “Murphy Brown” might be the latest TV show to learn this lesson the hard way.