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Kevin Hart Blasted for Cowboys and Indians Themed Party

Kevin Hart and his family came under attack from a number of people after his wife Eniko Hart posted a photo enjoying a Cowboys and Indians themed party.

Kevin Hart and his family came under attack from a number of people after Hart’s wife Eniko Hart posted a photo of their family and friends enjoying a Cowboys and Indians themed party.

Haters Gonna Hate

A number of people accused the Hart’s of racism because of the themed party.

One specifically stated the Hart’s were participating in cultural appropriation, “#culturalappropriation af @enikohart @kevinhart4real @kyrieirving please educate them!”

Another described the themed party as offensive due to a “painful history.”

@rorydienstbier I never said they can’t decide what to do for their kids party. They can do whatever they want. That doesn’t make it not offensive to people. And if you don’t understand the difference between a pink shirt and a party mimicking a painful history then I don’t know what to say. Either way, I’m not going to keep debating this with you but I hope you sincerely make an effort to try to understand why people are upset instead of just instinctively saying people are too sensitive. I’m sure you wouldn’t want someone to say that about an issue you care about.”

Another compared the themed party to black face, “This is just the same as playing black face..lets see how many would comment “soo sensitive.. get offended by everything” etc.”

One user even decided to bring in Donald Trump stating, “The people who agree to this party voted for trump ? what has our world come to?”

Kevin Hart Defenders

Not everyone got on the bandwagon to attack Kevin Hart and his family.

One Instagram user defended the themed party writing, “as someone who is native american, i don’t find this offensive at all. it’s a child’s birthday party. i didn’t see one offensive thing about any of this.”

Another wrote, “I’m all for equality and utterly disgusted by racism. However, this was harmless– it’s just a little boys birthday party. They had no intention of degrading anyone. If that’s where your mind goes that’s sad. What about when kids play cops and robbers? Technically, that infringes on inmates rights… so shall we tell our kids to stop playing that too?”

Someone then called out people for getting upset over this themed with all the other troubles happening in the world, “There is way to much bad going on for all u guys to be trippin over this plus k hart brings way to much joy to people to be mad hell i bet half of u did worse things this week.”

Even rapper Ludacris described the party as “Dope ?”

As many of those who defended Kevin Hart and his family pointed out, this is just a themed birthday party where the entire family looks like they had a lot of fun. There is absolutely no reason to get upset about Kevin Hart and his family having a good time unless you are specifically trying to ruin that good time. There is no other reason. This photo isn’t racist. It isn’t appropriating anyone’s culture.

In fact, without context, it’s possible they might have used the theme party to actually take part in and enjoy the Native American culture.

That used to be one of the great aspects of America, and to some extent, it still is. We use to take the best of cultures from around the world and share and celebrate it.

However, there is a growing trend within American culture to divide everyone based on racial and ethnic lines. No longer can we share in each other’s culture or we’ll be labeled as culturally appropriating or being offensive. It’s utterly ridiculous. We need more people like Kevin Hart and his family who are unafraid to “offend” those who have launched a 21st-century witch hunt against people who want to have fun by enjoying the multitude of cultures our world has to offer.

I know I plan to partake in the benefits of being American. Will you join me?

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