darycare tapes shoes to child

“Mom Jessica Hayes was steaming mad after she went to pick up her 17-month-old daughter from her Pleasant Hill daycare in Elkin, North Carolina only to find out that staff there had taped her daughter’s shoes to her feet,” parenting news site CafeMom reports. “After peeling the masking tape off of her toddler’s ankles, she took to Facebook to share photos and vent about the incident. Although most commenters agreed that she had a right to be upset, some felt she shouldn’t have gone public about the incident.”

What in the hell was this daycare thinking? This mother had every right to be upset and to tell anyone who would listen about it.

Masking tape haphazardly wrapped all over your toddler’s feet and ankles is completely unacceptable and the very idea that this nursery thought it was okay is simply befuddling – at the least.

Daycare providers taping shoes to children is cruel and unusual

Perhaps the worst part is that a child so young couldn’t possibly voice the reason for any discomfort or pain she might be in, something that obviously didn’t seem to faze the daycare workers.

Hayes expressed how she felt about the incident on Facebook:

“I am upset that this happened to my child as someone was clearly upset that she was learning take her shoes off and done it out of being aggravated. This was also not just her shoes being taped up it was around her ankle. To the sports players who tape their shoes, they are older have the say so in doing so and are able to say it is to tight and bothering them. My 17-month-old child was unable to say anything.”

Hayes also noted that the tape “was left on long enough and tight enough to leave marks, cause swelling, and bruise.”

Any parent can sympathize with Hayes’ reaction.

“Yes it does hurt and break trust when you put that trust into two individuals who have been with my daughter since she was 6-weeks-old, and come in to her shoes being taped on to her as well as her ankles,” she wrote.