child abandoned at door

This is so horrible it’s hard to fathom.

Fox News reported Thursday, “A Texas woman could face child abandonment charges after surveillance video allegedly captured her leaving a friend’s 2-year-old child on a stranger’s porch and fleeing the scene — but the woman says the whole situation is a misunderstanding.”

A misunderstanding?

What is there to “misunderstand” about how wrong this is? See for yourself:

What kind of person could leave a toddler just standing there bewildered and alone?

“It was very alarming and very disturbing and my heart was hurting for the child.”

The woman sped away in her vehicle after dropping a friend’s son off on this home’s doorstep, and you can see the child looking back confused – and likely scared.

It turns out that the home was next door to the father of the child – but that still doesn’t explain why she would just leave a toddler just standing there as she fled.?

“A brief search for the boy’s family eventually turned up the child’s father, who was not identified,” reported Fox News. “The man lived nearby and was located early Thursday when unsuspecting reporters approached him for an interview and asked him about the mystery boy in the grainy footage.”

The man whose house the child was left at opened the door to see the boy standing there and immediately dialed 911. When police arrived they tried to figure out if the 2-year-old belonged to one of the surrounding homes.

“(Montgomery County Lt. Scott Spencer) said officers initially canvassed the area and knocked on all the doors in the neighborhood searching for the boy’s family,” Fox News reported. “He added they initially didn’t know the father lived next door because the man wasn’t home when police combed the area.”

The father was told the child would be dropped off by the woman taking care of the child in the afternoon by his mother who is allegedly in the hospital, but when that didn’t happen, he left the house.

“I was gut-wrenched [watching the surveillance video],” Lt. Spencer said. “It was very alarming and very disturbing and my heart was hurting for the child.”

The woman is claiming she merely made a mistake.

She sure did. Hopefully, one she pays for.

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