woman marrying a ghost

Amethyst Realm is a “spiritual guidance counselor” who claims to have fallen in love with a ghost she “met”  while she was on a work trip in Australia (we’re not sure what kind of “work”).

Remember the 1990 movie Ghost where a dead Patrick Swayze comes back to his wife played by Demi Moore because he loves her so much?

Apparently, one woman thinks that could be real.

Realm claims this wasn’t her first romantic relationship with a ghost.

But this ghost lover, according to her, was above and beyond any other.

Realm said:

I’d not had a phantom fling for a while and as I was away on business, starting a new relationship was the last thing on my mind.

Then one day, while I was walking through the bush, enjoying nature, I suddenly felt this incredible energy. A new lover had arrived.

Realm was worried about leaving her “lover” behind when she left Australia – but says he followed her on to her plane.

After that, the sky was the limit in their relationship, according to Realm – including marriage and babies.

We’re not kidding.


“I could actually hear his voice and it was beautiful. Deep, sexy and real.”

Realm claims she and her ghost lover had a getaway to some caves where he popped the question. “As soon as we got to the hotel, my lover told me he wanted to go to Wookey Hole. It’s nearly an hour from Weston, but he was insistent,” Realm said. “Halfway through the tour, he told me he wanted to hang back from the group.”

That’s when it happened. There was no going down on one knee — he doesn’t have knees! But for the first time, I heard him speak.

It’s hard to explain but, until that point, his words were inside my head. But, on that day, the words were outside.

I could actually hear his voice and it was beautiful. Deep, sexy and real.

Realm said they will be having a child, but doesn’t know if it will be a real flesh and blood physical baby or a “phantom pregnancy.”

Okay. A few things.

This woman said all of these things during a national television interview in the UK. Should someone with these kinds of mental help problems be given airtime? Aren’t the producers and hosts enabling her sickness?

Also, people like this often just want attention – is it necessary to give it to them? Is it healthy for them?

Or crazier yet – is this woman completely sane and legitimately believes she’s in a relationship with a ghost?

Whatever the case may be, we can assure her the “child” will most certainly not be of the flesh and blood kind. Considering, you know, science.