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Smackdown Live: 8 pm EST

Smackdown Women’s Championship Match: Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair

If Becky Lynch gets disqualified she loses the title. Bell sounds and they lock up. Becky pushes Charlotte back into the corner and then taunts her as they separate. They lock up again and Charlotte works on the arm of Becky. Becky fires back and drags Charlotte’s face along the top rope. The two battle back and forth, with neither woman dominating the action. Becky manages to get hold of Charlotte’s arm she applies a bridge submission. Charlotte fights her way out of it. She knocks Becky to the outside and then follows up with a slingshot cross-body out onto her at ringside. Commercial break.

Back again and Becky takes it to Charlotte. Charlotte tries a high-risk maneuver but Becky throws her off the top rope to the mat. Becky then connects with a big throw for a near-fall. Becky gets frustrated and Charlotte manages to land a belly-to-back suplex before kipping up, showing a possible second wind. She dodges Becky’s attack and goes for a slick pin attempt but Becky kicks out. Becky lays Charlotte out and goes to the top rope. Charlotte gets up and hits the rope, causing Becky to be crotched on top. They jockey for position and Becky slaps on a triangle choke. Charlotte escapes with a powerbomb. Commercial.

Back again and Becky kicks Charlotte face-first into the turnbuckle. Becky goes out and gets her belt and starts to leave. The stipulation didn’t say anything about count-outs. Charlotte runs out and drags Becky back to the ring. Becky tries to use her belt as a weapon but the ref sees and scolds her. Charlotte tries to take advantage and hits a big Spear on Becky, though she can’t capitalize. Becky rolls outside and Charlotte tries a moonsault off the top down onto her, but Becky moves. Becky throws Charlotte into the barricade and jumps in the ring to let the ref count.

Charlotte is able to drag Becky out of the ring and hits a big throw. Both women are down on the floor. Back in the ring and Charlotte hit Natural Selection but Becky rolls outside and evades the cover. Charlotte roars angrily. They end up battling at ringside and both getting counted out of the match.

No Winner (Double Count-Out)

After the match, Charlotte and Becky brawl around the set and Charlotte Spears Becky through the LED wall on the main stage.


World Cup Qualifier: Jeff Hardy vs. Samoa Joe

Bell sounds and Joe comes out swinging. He smacks Jeff’s face off the turnbuckle and chokes him on the ring-rope. Jeff fights back and kicks Joe’s leg out. Joe rolls to ringside and is limping on the already injured leg. Commercial break.

Back again and Joe levels Jeff with a back elbow. Joe then applies a neck submission. He hits Jeff with a senton and gets a 2-count. Joe continues his sustained series of attacks. Jeff starts to come back as he lands shots on Joe. They battle to the outside and Joe swings for a kick, but Jeff moves, and Joe’s leg crashes into the steel steps. Joe limps off again but Jeff targets the leg. Joe tries to stand up but his legs involuntarily give out and the ref calls for the match to be stopped.

Winner: Jeff Hardy (Referee Stoppage)


The Miz comes out for an edition of Miz TV. His guests tonight are WWE Champion AJ Styles and title challenger Daniel Bryan. Miz talks to Styles about how different an opponent Bryan is compared to Samoa Joe. Styles says Joe has been his greatest competitor. He made things personal. Bryan says he wants to fight a worthy opponent and Styles has proven himself the most worthy competitor in WWE today. Styles earned the right to think he’s better than Bryan. Since Bryan’s return, he still has a lot to prove and he welcomes the challenge.

Styles tells Bryan he hasn’t faced anyone phenomenal since returning, and he indicates Miz… Miz frowns and Bryan says he’s glad they can have a good laugh. But Bryan is out here because he has a dream to fulfil. The entire time Bryan was striving to come back, the one thing that kept him going was the desire to attain the WWE Championship. So in essence, Bryan’s dream is AJ Styles. Styles stands up and says he’s not moving, not for Bryan or anyone else. Bryan and Styles go face-to-face and Miz says things are getting interesting… Styles then asks Bryan how good it feels to punch Miz in the face.

Both men agree that it feels great to punch Miz in the face. Miz loses it and tells them they’re both unprofessional and Bryan won by a fluke because the referee was out of position. Miz asked Smackdown General Manager Paige for a rematch but, Miz says, Bryan is such a charity case she wouldn’t grant it. Then Miz tells Styles he’s just like Bryan, except with a southern accent. Miz says he doesn’t care who wins between Bryan and Styles at Crown Jewel, because he’s got next. Then Shelton Benjamin is introduced for a match with Styles.

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