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Kristy Swanson is best known as Buffy in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She also is conservative and shares her political views on social media. Even though the heyday of her career is likely in the rearview mirror, she is being targeted by the media for the offense of being a Republican actress who supports President Trump and Brett Kavanaugh.

Hollywood is known as a very liberal town. There are very few outspoken conservatives in Tinseltown for some obvious reasons. They will be targeted and risk being blacklisted. However, being famous gives you a platform. Hollywood moguls want that platform to be used for left-wing purposes. If needed, the media will give them an assist to try to silence someone in the entertainment industry.

Swanson has been throwing shade at liberals on Twitter for a long time, but she apparently crossed a line by supporting Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court. Daily Beast did an “expose” on the actress for “mocking the #MeToo movement.”

To the left, not believing every accusation a woman makes is attacking survivors, even when there is no evidence and there are tremendous inconsistencies in the story. But, this acceptance of every woman does not apply to women who claim they were attacked by Democratic men. As a rape survivor herself, Swanson understands the importance of hearing women out. But, she also knows that accusations alone do not mean a man is guilty.

Evidence and corroboration of assault are important to Swanson as her husband was falsely accused of assault by his ex-wife. They have lived through this atrocity. She knows that not all women are to be believed without due process. For that opinion, she is a target of the left-wing media.

In the current climate, highlighting Juanita Broaddrick’s claim that she was raped by Bill Clinton would likely get a lot of attention. She has evidence and unlike Christine Blasey Ford, Broaddrick has spoken about the rape for forty years. Instead of exposing Bill Clinton, The Daily Beast is instead looking to expose Swanson, whose tweets have been public for years, by labeling her a “Trump Troll” for not towing the liberal agenda.

It doesn’t matter where an entertainer is in her career if she isn’t in lock-step with the Hollywood left, she risks being labeled and demeaned.

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