Confirmed:Daniel Bryan NOT Going To Crown Jewel

– There have been rumblings going around as of late that John Cena and Daniel Bryan would not be travelling to Saudi Arabia for Crown Jewel. As the WWE Universe waited to see if the event was even going to take place, late last week it was relayed through reports that John Cena would not head out for the event, and it wasn’t until last night on Monday Night RAW that it was confirmed via storylines, with Bobby Lashley replacing him during the WWE World Cup tournament.

However, nothing was confirmed about Daniel Bryan’s status, until today.

Now reports from PWInsider relay that Daniel Bryan will NOT be heading to Crown Jewel, taking place this Friday November 2nd and airing on the WWE Network.

While he has yet to be pulled from the show officially, it seems like the company has been trying to work out alternate plans. One idea that was brought up was that AJ Styles and Bryan could faceoff at the WWE’s Orlando Performance Center, with their match airing during the event broadcast; however, that concept was nixed.

With tonight being the last SmackDown LIVE before the big event, WWE will most likely have to move forward with another plan for Crown Jewel. Both Bryan and Styles are advertised for the show, so the WWE could very well write Daniel Bryan out of the storyline and add another superstar in his place for the match, or tape the bout between the two and insert into Friday’s pay-per-view. There are a few options at their disposal, they just need to decide on the best one.

– It’s never a good thing when a superstar is injured and out of action, and it seemed as if Jason Jordan was on the cusp of something big before a neck injury sidelined the WWE talent earlier this year.

According to the Wrestling Observer Radio’s Dave Meltzer, Jordan is currently working backstage for the company, and when he offered an injury update, Dave didn’t have good news. Meltzer relayed that he is not sure Jordan’s in-ring career is ‘done’; however, the fact that there is not much being said about Jason Jordan is not good. Apparently, the WWE superstar has lost grip strength within one hand, and while there are hopes he gets it back, his injury remains quite serious.

Back in September, Mike Johnson of PWInsider Elite Audio reported that there was a good chance that Jason Jordan may never return to the squared circle, and with a hand-grip issue such as the one that Meltzer is reporting, things may not be looking good for this superstar when it comes to in-ring competition.