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‘Inside Edition’ Busts Smash and Grab Thieves in San Francisco

"Inside Edition" went to San Francisco to report on the city's high crime rate when both the show's vehicles were broken into.

Crime in San Francisco has become such an issue that is affecting tourism. Many people visiting the city witness crime scenes and open drug injection. “Inside Edition” went to the Golden Gate City to report on crime and the show’s crew was robbed not once, but twice in just one day.

Last year, there were 31,000 smash and grabs in the city. That’s when someone breaks a window of a car to steal something inside. “Inside Edition” investigate the problem firsthand. They put GPS trackers in a speaker and also a Michael Kors purse and left them in a car in an upscale neighborhood with a high rate of smash and grabs.

It didn’t take long for two thieves to target the car, grabbing both items after breaking a window. This all went down in broad daylight without anyone nearby taking notice or trying to stop the robbery. The show had cameras set up to catch it all.

The show’s crew followed the thieves using GPS. When the male suspect was confronted with the stolen speaker, he was informed that his crime was captured on surveillance video. This large man informed Lisa Guerrero of “Inside Edition” that he was going to call his mother, as if she was going to be able to rectify that he was caught red-handed.

The crew’s SUV was also broken into while they were chasing the smash and grabbers! How ironic that they were robbed of thousands of dollars of equipment while covering a story on crime.

The video below will show you expose some dark realities about life in San Francisco.

Unbelievable! It’s a shame they didn’t have surveillance on their SUV too, but who would have predicted both vehicles would have been hit. This apparently is what people in San Francisco are up against.

Politicians in San Francisco are proud that their home is a sanctuary city harboring illegal immigrants from being deported by the federal government. They also hand out free hypodermic needles to drug addicts. Those syringes now litter streets throughout the city. Perhaps San Franciscans would be better served if their politicians made fighting crime a priority rather than focusing on their liberal pet projects.

Source: Inside Edition

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