WWE revealed another marquee match for the upcoming Evolution pay-per-view, announcing Monday night that Mickie James will take on WWE Hall of Famer Lita.

WWE’s official announcement of the match highlighted Mickie’s and Lita’s many accomplishments, as well as their history inside the ring:

“Together, the two Superstars have captured 10 Women’s Championships, with Lita winning four titles and James earning six. Both competitors can boast a championship victory over the other, including Mickie’s win in Lita’s retirement match at Survivor Series back in 2006.”

Of course, despite the retirement match, Lita has wrestled a handful of times for WWE since 2006. She faced and beat Heath Slater at Raw 1,000 in 2012, and – more notably – participated in the first-ever women’s Royal Rumble in January.

Furthermore, Lita deserves this rematch against James on a stage like Evolution. After her “retirement” at Survivor Series in 2006, Cryme Tyme (‘member them?!) humiliated her by selling her stolen personal belongings to the audience. A four-time women’s champion and WWE Hall of Famer deserves a better send-off than that.

Following the announcement of the match, Mickie expressed her gratitude and excitement on social media:

As for the WWE Universe – many seem upset and unsatisfied with the re-match, as per usual.






Just another day on wrestling Twitter.

To borrow a turn of phrase from Mr. Joel Romero up there, Ima keep it real: Lita vs. Mickie makes perfect sense.

Yes, Mickie has more history with Trish than she does Lita. But again: Mickie is the one who retired Lita, and Lita deserves so much better than the retirement match she got. This match at Evolution is undoubtedly WWE’s way of making up for the awful goodbye she got in 2006.

Furthermore, in what universe do any of the other suggestions being made make more sense than Lita vs. Mickie? Lita vs. Asuka? When have they ever even interacted? And, despite rumors to the contrary, I wouldn’t hold my breath on AJ Lee ever coming back. Have we already forgotten that WWE just floated a lawsuit against her husband?

Lita and Mickie James were two of the brightest spots in a dark era for women’s wrestling. WWE made a right call pitting them against each other at Evolution, and there are undoubtedly more great matches to come.

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