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Tim Allen has made it crystal clear that the new season of “Last Man Standing” on Fox will strike all the same chords as the beloved ABC series – but there will be a couple new faces on the show.

Deadline has reported that actress Molly McCook will replace Molly Ephraim as middle daughter Mandy, while 14-year-old actor Jet Jurgensmeyer will take over as grandson Boyd from actor Flynn Morrison.

McCook tweeted Monday that she was “speechless and overwhelmed” at the opportunity to be on the show. “Hope I do y’all proud,” she added.

Both Ehpraim and Morrison reportedly “opted not to return for season 7” of the show. However, “Last Man Standing” producers are taking their departures in stride. In fact, they’ve used the recast of Boyd as an opportunity to “age up” the character in effort to tackle more compelling storylines:

“We’re bringing back Boyd, Kristin and Ryan’s son,” executive producer Kevin Abbott told reporters at the Television Critics Association press tour this month. “We are actually bringing in a new actor, just because we want to age up the character… We’re bringing him back at the age of 12 so that we can get some fun storylines about a young man on the cusp of becoming a man. That just gives us more stories to tell.”

Given the current socio-political landscape, it will be interesting to see what storylines “Last Man Standing” broaches concerning a boy coming of age. However, given Allen’s unabashed conservative views, whatever they are will likely resonate with millions of Americans who often feel ignored by Hollywood.

Indeed, that’s the very reason “Last Man Standing” is returning. During its first six seasons, it was one of the only shows on television that treated with respect the issues and topics that matter to conservative audiences: things like God, family, traditional values, hard work, and constitutional rights. And when the show returns September 28, it will likely pick up right where it left off.

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