Viktor is one half of the Ascension, a tag team that has made some dangerous waves in NXT. Even though the Ascension has fallen to the background somewhat on the main roster, many still believe the Ascension could make a serious comeback.

I would love to see the Ascension do better in the future, so to keep our eyes on the tag team, let me delight you with five facts about Viktor!

1. He Set a Tag Team Record in NXT

Viktor did exceptionally well alongside Konnor in NXT. His tag team, the Ascension, even broke a record, holding the NXT Tag Team Championships for 344 days!

Being one of the most dominant tag teams NXT has ever seen, Viktor brought the wasteland to WWE’s developmental division. One thing is certain, I could certainly use a bit of the wasteland on the main roster.

2. He Started His Wrestling Career in the Hart Dungeon

One of the things not many people know about Viktor is that he started his wrestling career in the Hart Dungeon, training under the supervision of Bruce and Ross Hart.

The Hart Dungeon, often referred to as the Hart Family Dungeon, was a gym and wrestling school, situated in the basement of the Harts’ family mansion. The school was founded by Stu Hart, the patriarch of the Hart family.

Many amazing wrestlers have trained in the Hart Dungeon; this includes Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Christian, Edge, Tyson Kidd, and even Natalya.

3. He Signed His WWE Developmental Contract in 2011

Viktor joined the WWE in 2011. He signed a developmental contract and subsequently jointed the WWE’s developmental brand at the time, Florida Championship Wrestling.

Interestingly, Viktor started his career in the WWE under the name Rick Victor. In 2012, he would team up with Sofia Cortez and Paige, defeating Seth Rollins for the FCW Florida Heavyweight Championship. He would also win the Florida Tag Team Championship with Brad Maddox before he joined NXT.

4. He Lost His NXT Debut to Bo Dallas

The WWE would eventually re-brand their developmental division, going from Florida Championship Wrestling to NXT. Viktor made his NXT debut at Full Sail University and lost his debut match to Bo Dallas.

Despite booking successes in Florida Championship Wrestling, Viktor disappeared for almost a year after being defeated by Seth Rollins on September 19, 2012. However, he would return better than ever alongside Konnor, forming the Ascension.

5. He Made His Video Game Debut in 2K15

Most people believe Viktor did not make his video game debut until 2K16. However, he was actually featured in 2K15. He was not a part of the base game though, but he was added to the DLC pack for the game.

Interestingly, Viktor has never been featured as an individual wrestler in the game. Instead, he has always been featured as a part of the Ascension.

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