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“Comedy” these days means exclusively ridiculing President Donald Trump, endlessly mocking conservatives, and generally insulting half of all Americans. But on the new season of “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” Jerry Seinfeld deftly steers away from the political; and when he does talk politics, it’s usually about liberal intolerance.

Seinfeld sets the tone for the 10th season of his web-series-turned-Netflix-series in the very first episode, “From the Third Reich to You,” featuring Zach Galifianakis. At one point, Seinfeld brings up his issue with colleges restricting free speech – and Galifianakis agrees. “There’s nothing liberal about shutting someone up.”

Jerry: It’s so weird that colleges have become these places where, of restricted thought, as opposed to thought freedom.
Zach: Well, there’s nothing liberal about shutting someone up.
Jerry: The problem with not allowing intolerant talk is now you’re intolerant.
Zach: Well, how do you judge what’s intolerant?
Jerry: Exactly.

Some guests, however, are intent on getting political – but Seinfeld always shuts it down. Take, for example, Ellen Degeneres, who appears on the episode, “You Said It Wasn’t Funny.” After arriving at a cafe, Degeneres says that she admires firemen – because “they don’t carry guns.” She then brings up what a “scary” state the world is in, and Seinfeld promptly brings up a point that all liberals need to hear: every generation deals with their own crises:

Ellen: Because the world is such a scary place right now, like, in so many ways. You have children and there’s North Korea and there’s fires, there’s storms, it just overwhelms me with, like dread. With, like, do you go to those places?
Jerry: No.
Ellen: You don’t.
Jerry: No. I, you know, my attitude is that each generation kind of gets this thing dumped in your lap–
Ellen: Yeah.
Jerry: — to deal with.
Ellen: Right. If I talk to your kids, when I meet them, I’ll ask them what they think.
Jerry: I don’t really care what they think.

Isn’t it nice to hear a comedian be a voice of reason for once? Of course, this isn’t surprising coming from Seinfeld, who’s long been an advocate for free speech and publicly criticized comedians’ fixation on Trump and politics. If only more comedians thought like him, perhaps “Saturday Night Live” would still be enjoyable.

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