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Joy Behar loves nothing more than bashing President Donald Trump every day on her liberal talk show “The View.” This week, her latest nonsensical attack on Trump was over his nomination of Brett Kavanaugh for a seat on the Supreme Court, but it didn’t take long for Behar to get shut down on live television.

The Daily Caller reported that on Tuesday’s show, Behar claimed that a sitting president should not be allowed to nominate a Supreme Court justice when he is under investigation for obstruction of justice. By Behar’s logic, this would mean lawmakers could keep any president from nominating a Supreme Court justice just by keeping them under never-ending investigations, but this, of course, has not occurred to a small-minded liberal like Behar.

“Why would a president who is under investigation by the FBI for obstruction of justice and collusion be allowed to pick a Supreme Court justice?” Behar said. “I’ll be dead — there are many people in this room who will still be alive and need abortions and what-have-you and health care. How dare he be allowed to do this when he’s under investigation?”

Later in the show, Behar was left humiliated when her outrage was shot down by legal expert Alan Dershowitz, who happens to be a liberal himself. When Behar tried to tell him that presidents under investigation should not be allowed to nominate justices to the Supreme Court, he was not having any of it.

“The guy is under investigation by the FBI for collusion, for obstruction, for violating the emoluments clause, there’s a list of things. And, as you mentioned, Mitch McConnell stole the last Supreme Court justice, which I think should be illegal, but it probably isn’t. Why should we give the president, who is under investigation, the chance to affect the lives of millions of people with this next Supreme Court justice?” Behar argued.

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“Because if you don’t, every president will be put under investigation to prevent them from making Supreme Court nominations,” he fired back.


Twitter users also made it clear that they have had enough of Behar’s anti-Trump hysteria:

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