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It is very hard being a teacher these days. There are plenty of unruly students who don’t get disciplined at home and then school administrators give them a pass for their horrid behavior at school. One fed-up teacher has had enough and she perfectly laid it all out in epic fashion at the Youngstown City Schools’ Academic Distress Commission.

Tanna Sebrell teaches in the district. She took the opportunity to explain how she and other teachers are not able to teach because there is no structured discipline for students who refuse to respect the teachers or other students. There are no consequences and because of this, the students who do want to learn are unable to do so in a safe and healthy environment.

“If we cannot figure out how to get our kids to stop swearing at their faculty, stealing from their faculty, shoving each other, it doesn’t matter what I do,” she said.

Sebrell is in her first year of teaching in the schools. Others before her suddenly quit because of the behavior crisis. She stepped up to fill the void during the school year, but she quickly realized it is a failing endeavor since the school allows these kids to act out verbally and physically. In fact, it has gotten so bad that Youngstown State University is considering pulling student teachers from the school district. That is an indication of how severely the school is failing to protect its students and teachers!

The Ohio teacher explained that when she was out of school, students stole her supplies without any consequence. Seventy-five percent of her students suffer because of the twenty-five percent of students who have discipline problems. She also pointed out the school wasn’t doing any favors to the poorly behaved students with their hands-off approach.

“If we do not hold our kids accountable now, it doesn’t matter if we educate them because they cannot practice self-management and self-control,” the frustrated teachers says in the video below.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise. The Obama Administration forced changes that favored bullies. Specifically, one Maryland family has dealt with such severe bullying of their children that their young son became suicidal. The school district sided with the bullies each time claiming the bullies have rights since they are underprivileged.

Disgraceful! These unruly children who aren’t taught consequences will end up becoming adults with serious problems that could very likely lead to time behind bars.

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