Five Times Sasha Banks Almost Died In The Money In The Bank Match

Sasha Banks is probably the most fearless female wrestler on the roster. She takes a lot of risks. Perhaps too many. Obviously, she was going to be put every strand of that purple hair on the line for a shot at the MoneyIn The Bank briefcase.

Let’s look at the five times Sasha Banks almost done died herself in the 2nd (err 3rd really) ever Women’s MITB Match.

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When She Broke Her Back Taking A Crossbody

Breaking Her Neck With A Blockbuster From Naomi

Broke her knees over the bodies of Lana and Ember Moon

When Natalya Slingshot Powerbombed Sasha’s Soul Out Of Her Body

For all the damage Sasha took, she was unable to win. But she definitely didn’t tone it down. She’s still the craziest lady in the WWE!