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When country music star Carrie Underwood debuted her face at the ACM Awards on April 15, months after she warned her fans that her appearance would change following the fifty stitches she received for a nasty fall, the overwhelming consensus was that Underwood did not look different at all. This left her fans puzzled, as Underwood had seemed adamant that her alleged fall would drastically change her appearance.

Now, however, experts are saying that Underwood likely got plastic surgery and feared at the time that it would make her look very different. Fox News reported that Underwood claims to have missed a step while walking her dogs near her Nashville home back in December, but plastic surgeon Dr. David Cangello isn’t buying it. Though he has never treated Underwood, he analyzed recent photos of her and came to the conclusion that she more than likely had plastic surgery of some sort.

Cangello explained that the initial swelling of facial injuries can make recent patients look far more serious than they actually are. This would explain why Underwood initially warned fans the “freak accident” left her “not quite looking the same.”

“After the injury, there is a lot of distortion of the facial tissue due to swelling and it can make it look like there’s going to be some permanent deformity,” he said. “But in time, when all that swelling goes and the scar has a chance to fade, you discover that you look quite normal.”

He added that this is probably what happened in Underwood’s case.

“I don’t know the extent of her injuries, but based on the fact that she looks quite good now, my assumption would be that the lacerations were repaired… and once all that resolved, the fact that [the scar] looks quite unremarkable now, leaves me to believe the injury probably wasn’t beyond that,” he elaborated.

Twitter users had already been speculating for months that Underwood got plastic surgery:

The day after her ACM performance, Underwood said that she “didn’t know how things were going to end up.”

“It was important to me as I started resuming my life again, and going to the grocery store, and taking my kid to school, and stuff like that. I was like, ‘OK, somebody’s going to creep on me at the grocery store.’ And you know people are going to be like, ‘What happened?’ when they post it on Instagram,” she said.

Regardless of whether she got plastic surgery or not, this was clearly a very traumatic experience for a public figure like Underwood, and we wish her all the best as she continues to deal with it.

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