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The Raw Tag Team Championships will be fought for at WrestleMania; this in an epic battle between Strowman and the Bar. But who is Strowman’s tag team partner? And who will take the win? Read on to see the predictions from the experts at Ringside Intel!

Sandra’s Predictions:

I have some exciting rumors to share with you today, which could make this match even more interesting than it already is! There has been much talk about the mystery tag team partner of Braun Strowman, and a new name has popped up that made me jump for joy: my all-time favorite Wrestler Rey Mysterio!

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It is no secret that Rey Mysterio has been in talks with the WWE to return to the brand. Rey is looking for a veteran contract though, which I believe he deserves! Aside from that, if the WWE has agreed with Mysterio, it could mean we get to see the Mysterio-Strowman combination at WrestleMania. Still, I’m trying not to get overly excited, just in case rumors are wrong and I get disappointed like a kid who does not get a lollipop in the candy store.

Another possible partner for Braun Strowman is the Big Show, who was recently photographed in the gym with a dangerous six pack and a ripped appearance. While it will be unusual not to have the Big Show in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal, a team of Strowman and Big Show is guaranteed success.

There are more wrestlers on my possible list, although I would put them down the list from Mysterio and Big Show when it comes to the likelihood. Additional wrestlers that could be a partner for Strowman include Elias, Neville, Samoa Joe, and Lars Sullivan. All these partners are great though, so I would not be disappointed to see any of them as Braun’s partner. For now, I must wait for everyone else to see what the WWE has in store for us.

Leave aside Strowman’s mystery partner for the Raw Tag Team Championships, what are Strowman’s changes? Pretty good I would say! The man is in dire need of a title run, and I do not see Vince shipping Strowman off to the SmackDown brand anytime soon. However, I do see a change in the cards for Cesaro and Sheamus, who could shake things up a little in the SmackDown tag team division.

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Katie’s Predictions:

I love Braun Strowman, but I remain extremely baffled as to why he was given a tag title match at WrestleMania instead of, you know, an already established tag team. Tag team wrestling is my favorite, and I feel like WWE is doing the Raw tag division and everyone in this match a disservice. But, they could win me back if Strowman’s partner is someone AWESOME (and no, I don’t mean The Miz).

As for who the partner could be, not to rain on Sandra’s parade, but I don’t think it’ll be Rey Mysterio. Firstly, the rumor that Mysterio could be Strowman’s partner came from Sports Illustrated’s Justin Barrasso, an iffy source at best. Secondly, Mysterio suffered a full tear of his biceps muscle last month – and he’s opted not to undergo surgery. For comparison, Dean Ambrose underwent surgery for a triceps tear back in December, and he’s not expected to be back until September. In other words, Mysterio will be out of action for a while.

So, who else could it be? My money’s on either Big Show or Elias. My pick would be Elias because 1) he’s on fire right now and deserves to be on the WrestleMania card and 2) we’ve seen that he has excellent chemistry with Strowman. But Big Show has a history with Strowman, too: the Monster Among Men destroyed Big Show in a steel cage match back in September. Could former enemies unite to become the new Raw Tag Team Champions?

Whoever Strowman’s partner is, though, It is likely that The Bar will lose the titles. WWE has been hyping Strowman and his mystery partner far too much to have them lose on Sunday.

Hunter’s Predictions:

I do wonder if Braun is going to have a partner at this point. That this partner is not being revealed until Mania and there are no spoilers out about it makes me think that somehow Braun will convince Kurt Angle to let him go it alone. But how? If Braun wins the Men’s Battle Royal on the kickoff show. Then, Braun could destroy the entire roster in one night. But what if Braun picks a partner? My favorites are Big Show, Mark Henry or James Ellsworth. Either Braun wins on his own or his partner takes the pin, and the Monster Among Men murders them by crashing the entire Superdome roof upon them.

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Who do you want Strowman’s partner to be if he even has one? Who will when the Raw Tag titles?

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