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There is lots at stake for the Intercontinental Championship match at WrestleMania. Firstly, the Miz will break some records if he retains the title, while it could mean a career boost for Finn Balor and Seth Rollins. But who will take the win? Let’s see what our team thinks!

Sandra’s Predictions

The card for the Intercontinental Championship is impeccable this year. Not only can we enjoy the Miz on the big stage, but we also get Finn Balor and Seth Rollins to top it off. I have wanted a match between Balor and Rollins for a long time, so I am certainly excited for this one. Now, the question is who will come out victorious, and the answer to that question is not that clear.. and it could go in a lot of different directions.

One of my personal favorites to win is probably Finn Balor, who has been neglected by the WWE somewhat after winning the WWE Universal Championship. If he were to win the WWE Intercontinental Championship, it could put him back on top of the card.

Since the Miz still has a long wrestling career in front of him, I doubt he will take the record at WrestleMania. While I certainly think he is deserving of it, he won’t get it just yet. I do look forward to the day where he does get the record and becomes the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time.

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Another reason why Finn Balor might take the win is the fact that the Miz’ wife Maryse has given birth to their daughter Monroe. He might need some time off soon, which makes a win for Balor or Rollins more likely.

There is a reason why I think Balor might come out victorious over Rollins. Dean Ambrose and Rollins did great as a tag team until Ambrose got injured. Still, Ambrose is due back this year, and the WWE might have plans with the pair. Having Rollins capture, the WWE Intercontinental Championship could complicate matters. Also, Finn Balor needs a title run right about now, while Rollins does not need it to be considered as a genuine competitor at this point. In conclusion, Balor takes the win, regaining his status as a top card player on the WWE roster. Seth will be transferred to SmackDown, while AJ Styles will make his way to RAW; this could see Balor in a rivalry with the likes of Styles and Strowman! I cannot wait!

Katie’s Predictions

This is the match I’m most excited about on the entire WrestleMania card, especially after the epic match Seth Rollins and Finn Balor wrestled on the go-home episode of Raw. Unfortunately, while I know in my heart who I want to win, my head tells me that it can go in any direction.

As Sandra stated, there’s a lot at stake for everyone in this match. First, The Miz is close to becoming the longest-reigning Intercontinental Champion in history by combined days. If I’m doing my math correctly, on the day of WrestleMania, he will have held the IC title for a collective 599 days, just 17 days short of the record held by Pedro Morales. I’m confident WWE wants The Miz to break that record – but not now. Why? Because The Miz is currently also in second place when it comes to number of reigns: he’s an eight-time Intercontinental Champion, while Chris Jericho is a record-holding nine-time champion. In my opinion, WWE should have The Miz break Morales’s record and tie Jericho’s record with the same reign. For that to happen, The Miz would need to lose the title on Sunday.

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Second, there’s no one more deserving of a title reign than poor Finn Balor. His Universal Championship run was cut short due to injury, and he’s been stifled by poor booking ever since. I agree with Sandra that Balor needs the boost of a title reign the most. However, my own bias is keeping me from giving him the win on Sunday…

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…Which brings me to Seth Rollins. Monday Night Rollins is my favorite active wrestler, hands down, bar none, and it’s an absolute travesty that he’s the only member of The Shield who isn’t a Grand Slam Champion. And guess what title he needs to become a Grand Slam Champion? That’s right: the Intercontinental Championship. Like Balor, it’s taken some time for Rollins’s career to recover following his knee injury. As a massive fan of his, it would make me extremely happy to see him get another big WrestleMania win and join his brothers in The Shield in the Grand Slam Club. So, I’m gonna listen to my heart and give Rollins the win, even though my head is saying Balor.

Hunter’s Predictions

This match can go a lot of ways. Well, duh. But I feel like this match is the least predictable on the card. There’s nothing to suggest any of the three is stronger or ‘due.’ Finn is on the tail-end of a year-long build back to the top of the card. Seth Rollins is one title away from a Grand Slam. The Miz is a few weeks away from breaking the record for longest reigning IC champion. So, here goes a prediction. Rollins and Balor destroy each other and Miz does his little sneaky best and rolls-up or quickly pins one of the exhausted competitors.

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But its also just as likely that Finn and Seth double-pin Miz and we get a match at the next PPV to finish this. Remember, Wrestlemania isn’t the “blow-off” PPV anymore. Stories are allowed to continue and even start at the Show of Shows. In terms who fans want to win, Finn is first followed by The Miz and then Rollins. This is one of those matches where expectations and predictions are going to be all over the place. It is one of two matches on the card where any party winning won’t get a cheer from the crowd.

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Who do you want to win? Share your thoughts in the comments below.