With WrestleMania 34 coming closer with every passing day, it is time for some WrestleMania-related content! Today, Ringside Intel takes a closer look at the best WrestleMania venues. Do they match with yours?

1. Madison Square Garden

Madison Square Garden is a no-brainer when it comes down WrestleMania venues since this venue is considered as one of the most iconic until this day.

Even though Madison Square Garden is not as big as some of the other WrestleMania venues, Madison Square Garden is undoubtedly the best known. The Garden was the host for WrestleMania I, X, and XX. So, there is no denying that this venue should be on top of your list.

2. The SkyDome

Another WrestleMania venue that has an iconic feel to it is undoubtedly the SkyDome. While it’s unique layout alone is enough reason for the SkyDome to be one of the best venues, there are many other things that make the Toronto stadium a venue to remember.

The SkyDome was the venue for the memorable match between Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior on April 1, 1990. The site was also the host of two WrestleManias.

There is one additional feature to the SkyDome that makes this venue a serious consideration for future WrestleMania events. Given the unique layout, the SkyDome can hold crowd noise unlike any other. So, if the WWE is looking for the most lively venue, the SkyDome is undoubtedly it!

3. The Citrus Bowl

Much like Madison Square Garden, the Citrus Bowl appears to be more intimate than most WrestleMania venues. Do not be fooled by its layout though, because the Citrus Bowl has a seating capacity of 65,000!

The Citrus Bo (now known as Camping World Stadium) was the host for WrestleMania XXIV and Wrestlemania 33. While the set looked quite amazing during the day, nighttime made the set of the Citrus Bowl look spectacular. So, I would not be surprised if this venue will be hosting WrestleMania again in the future.

4. Caesar’s Palace

Not everyone will agree with me for putting Las Vegas’ Caesar’s Palace in the top five of WrestleMania venues. I agree that Caesar’s Palace is quite different from the usual venue, even though it hosted WrestleMania IX. Still, being quite different from the rest, it gives Caesar’s Palace quite the unique feel.

Not only the venue itself made WrestleMania IX  unique because the WWE chose to implement a Roman theme throughout the pay-per-view. The set had a clear Colesium theme, but even the announcers were wearing a toga. How can you beat that for uniqueness?

5. Ford Field

My last choice in this list of top five venues is Ford Field, the host of WrestleMania XXIII. With a seating ability of 80,000 people, it is not the biggest WrestleMania venue, but its unique set design made it one of the most impressive in my book.

If you could choose one of the past WrestleMania venues as your favorite, which would it be? Let us know in the comment section below.

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