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Washed up Hollywood actor Sean Penn has made an enemy of the #MeToo movement with a bizarre poem that accuses women of leading a “toddler’s crusade” against sexual assault.

Penn penned the poem as an epilogue to his new book, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.” In the poem, Penn appears to defend journalist Charlie Rose and comedian Louis C.K., who have both been accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women.

“Where did all the laughs go?/Are you out there, Louis CK.?” the poem asks. “Once crucial conversations/Kept us on our toes;/Was it really in our interest/To trample Charlie Rose?”

It continues: “And what’s with this ‘Me Too’?/This infantilizing term of the day/Is this a toddler’s crusade?/Reducing rape, slut-shaming, and suffrage to reckless child’s play?”

Penn’s book, which is being marketed as “absurdist fiction” by Amazon, is an expanded version of his 2016 audiobook of the same name – and it takes aim at more than just the #MeToo movement. In one new passage, the titular Honey – a divorcé who works as a part-time assassin and septic tank salesman – writes a letter to the book’s fictional president, Mr. Landlord, who is quite obviously meant to be Donald Trump:

“You are not simply a president in need of impeachment, you are a man in need of an intervention,” Honey writes in the letter. “We are not simply a people in need of an intervention, we are a nation in need of an assassin.”

The letter, which also references Russian election meddling, “alternative facts” and the Women’s March, ends with Honey challenging Mr. Landlord to a dual, before threatening, “Tweet me … I dare you.”

So not only has Penn insulted women everywhere, but he has also implied that he wants to kill Trump.

Unsurprisingly, Penn’s book has been overwhelmingly panned by critics and readers alike; although Salman Rushdie did call it a “great fun to read,” adding, “I suspect that Thomas Pynchon and Hunter S. Thompson would love this book.”

We would say Penn should stick to his day job, but that doesn’t seem to be working out for him either, so maybe he just should just lay low for a while.

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