Matt Hardy Threatens To “Delete” Michael Cole And Vince McMahon

With the success of Ultimate Deletion, it seems like WWE is investing further into the great Woken/Broken Matt Hardy storyline. The character created by Hardy while in TNA is a far-cry from the straight-laced and tough characters WWE normally presents. Hardy speaks in a bizarre dialect, has a perpetual crazed look, maybe magical, and looks to giraffes, a spray-painted boat name Skarsgard and his two toddlers for inspiration.

After deleting Bray Wyatt into the Lake of Reincarnation, Hardy has picked three of his next targets for DELETION.

Vince McMahon

(via TMZ)

WWE superstar Woken Matt Hardy ain’t sure if Vince McMahon loved or hated his “Ultimate Deletion” — but says if it’s the latter, he will personally DELETE his boss!

“If McMahon has any issues with it, I certainly have a spot here at The Hardy Compound where I can DELETE him!!!” Woken Matt told TMZ Sports.

Michael Cole


Just prior to the start of The Ultimate Deletion, Michael Cole dismissed the anticipated affair as “obnoxious,” which didn’t sit well with The Woken One later in the night after The Eater of Worlds vanished into the murky, mystical waters of The Lake of Reincarnation.

Vanguard one is on the job!

and…Hulk Hogan?

That’s less about deletion and more about reincarnating the Hulkster’s faded legacy.

What’s next for Woken Hardy?

WWE is sitting on something big here. I’d expect Matt Hardy to make an appearance at Wrestlemania. Perhaps we’ll see Vanguard 1 there as well. The Wrestlemania card is already so stacked and long that I expect they’ll just do a little segment to tie us over until after the Show of Shows. Perhaps we’ll get to meet Brother Brayo?

WWE should let Matt and Jeremy Borash do what they did, and in the end, couldn’t do in TNA. Which is whatever they want. The New Day, Rusev, Breezango, and others prove that when WWE gives you the chance to succeed or fail, the best stars will rise to the occasion!

What do you want to happen with Hardy’s Woken Universe?

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