human ken doll father

“Human Ken Doll” Rodrigo Alves usually makes headlines for his extreme plastic surgery, but he recently got people’s attention for another reason: he wants to be a father.

Alves made the shocking revelation to the Daily Mail after appearing on a Russian TV chat show, where he met a slew of women who live their lives as dolls.

What’s more – he said that he would fully support his future children’s decision to have plastic surgery:

Speaking to MailOnline, the 34-year-old said: ‘Now that I am done with plastic surgeries I will have more time to dedicate myself.

‘I really want to get a dog and have some children. Obviously my kids won’t look anything like me because I have changed my look with 60 surgeries.

‘But if they did want to have surgery after they turn 18, I will support them and pay for it just like my family did.’

If you’re wondering what Alves looked like before his myriad surgeries – and what his prospective children might look like – here’s a picture of him before he ever went under the knife:

Why did he get so much plastic surgery? There’s nothing wrong with the way he looked before! If he does one day have children, hopefully, they won’t go down the same route as their father.

But questionable plastic surgeries aside, Alves just doesn’t seem fit for parenthood. In December, he claimed to be “asexual,” explaining, “I don’t really like to be touched, and I am too selfish really for sexual contact.” Of course, that doesn’t mean he couldn’t just adopt children, or go the IVF route. But if Alves claims to be too selfish even for sex, then how does he expect to be able to raise a child? Being a parent is one of the most selfless jobs around!

Perhaps Alves should just stick to what he’s good at: shocking us all with his plastic face.

Source: Daily Mail

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