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A time traveler claiming to be from the year 2030 has passed a lie detector test and has some interesting news to share that is bound to get liberals upset. He says he came to the year 2018 to tell us what the future holds.

His name is Noah, and he said that Donald Trump will be re-elected in 2020. This revelation is not something that Hollywood elite will be happy to hear.

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He also states humans will arrive on Mars in 2028 and time travel will begin then. In addition to this, Google Glass-like robotics will take over the world. Noah also predicts the rise of Bitcoin but cautions that we will still use dollars as well.

Noah claims to be 50-years-old but has taken an age rejuvenation drug, which gives him the appearance of being 25. He claims that by the year 2030, many cancers will be cured. This obviously is good news!

Noah sat down for an interview with Apex TV. They strapped him up to a polygraph machine and asked him questions about the future. He somehow passed the lie detector test.

You can watch Noah describe the future in the video below while he was hooked up to the machine. His face and voice are distorted to hide his identity.

While I’m happy to hear that Noah reports President Trump will be re-elected, I’m not sure I believe the validity of this lie detector test. It doesn’t seem that scientific and could be easily manipulated. They should show the setup up of the lie detector test and the actual results.

Noah claims in 2030 the President of the United States will be an unknown woman named Ilana Remikee. This is only 12 years away. She should be an adult at this point. Why have we never heard of her before?

A lie detector test only proves the person taking the test is not lying. It doesn’t mean that the information is correct. So, there are many unanswered questions here.

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Source: Daily Mail

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