Roseanne Barr Returns As Pro-Trump Grandmother In New Show

The beloved award-winning sitcom Roseanne is set to return for a nine-episode run beginning next month on ABC, and Roseanne Barr has assured that her conservative voice will be heard loud and clear on the show.

The beloved award-winning sitcom “Roseanne” is set to return for a nine-episode run beginning next month on ABC. Roseanne Barr has assured her fans that her conservative voice will be heard loud and clear on the show.

Barr stated in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that her character will be pro-Trump, and the new show will tackle just as many pertinent real-world issues as the original show did:

The show will also deal with her husband Dan, played by John Goodman, possibly losing his job to an illegal immigrant, the family’s relationship with their Muslim neighbors and in a episode the actors and writers seem most proud of, the opioid crisis.

‘People think this show is more political than it is. It’s more about how a family deals with a disagreement like that,’ said Sara Gilbert, who will reprise her role as youngest daughter Darlene and serve as executive producer.

However, despite Gilbert’s insistence that the show is not political, politics have invaded American homes in a big way following the 2016 election – and Barr wants to depict that reality.

Furthermore, Barr personally made sure that the show’s writers aren’t just attacking Trump:

Barr makes it clear however that this will be a balanced show, a point that is made early on in the program when the family argues about the president.

The politicians are never named, but Barr says that she had to push and make sure that the woman who wears a ‘pantsuit’ was mocked just as much as the man who won the election.

‘I thought everybody was pretty liberal, so I was keepin’ an eye on it, making sure that it was evenhanded,’ explains Barr.

‘But the day we went to shoot, I got with the writers, and I’m like, “You guys have to have a Hillary slam.” Cause they were all Trump slams.’

Unsurprisingly, the writers were admittedly uncomfortable with Barr’s aggressively pro-Trump attitude – but they agree that it’s a viewpoint that’s needed:

Whitney Cummings, who was brought on as the co-showrunner for the series alongside Bruce Helford, says that Barr’s vision was a nice wake-up call for the writer’s room.

‘We so often surround ourselves with people we agree with, so going into the writers room was often like, “Eeeeek,”‘ says Cuimmings.

‘We were challenging each other, and I definitely wanted to go back into my Huffington Post or Vulture cocoon where everyone agrees, but it’s really important to be with people you disagree with when you’re writing to make sure you’re not being elitist aa**holes.’

The millions of Americans who voted for Trump will certainly be happy to see their perspective represented on TV.

Check out a trailer for the new show in the video below:

Source: Daily Mail

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