Braun Strowman is a monster. If not literally, at least figuratively. He’s gigantic, has unreal agility, and is j-j-jacked to the gills.

So, how does he keep that up? How does he maintain his massive frame and engine? Someone at the New York Stock Exchange asked him, and Braun answered in a tongue-in-cheek fashion. After being asked if he eats metal and lifts bulldozers, Braun says when he’s not “flipping ambulances” he’s in the gym “stacking plates and banging weights” he says he eats “15,000 calories a day” and he says a common exercise for him is going into the woods where he “beats trees down” with his bare hands.

Watch the video here via Reddit.

Braun explains his workout routine to reporter who asks if he eats metal from r/SquaredCircle

Braun is strong to quite strong. While I am sure he doesn’t “beat down trees with his bare hands” he is a man who enjoys the woods and outdoors. He even helps capture wild boars near his home in North Carolina.

As for destroying plates in the gym? How about plates of FOOD at Waffle House.

He’s got some pretty big guns too

But don’t let the attitude fool you. He’s a big softie who loves to entertain.


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