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Steven Seagal is an extremely successful actor and martial artist, having earned a 7th-degree black belt during his career. Despite his success, Seagal has earned a bad reputation in recent years. Some actors claim it’s dangerous to work with him.

Seagal is in his grandfatherly years so we do not get to see him train that much anymore. But while he was in Russia to meet with Vladimir Putin, he was recorded putting on a martial arts exhibition. His amazing moves were on display at the All-Russian Sambo Tournament, and he didn’t disappoint.

The crowd loved that they had an international movie star in their midst, delivering takedowns and defensive moves for their pleasure.

From Rumble Video:

As well as being a Hollywood actor, Seagal is a seventh dan black belt in Aikido and began his career teaching the Japanese martial art. Steven Seagal insists that this video of him flooring two opponents in martial arts show is legitimate stressing: ‘I’m gonna try not to be insulted man, I’ve been doing martial arts all my life. How could it be fake?’

Seagal Throws Grown Men

Footage shows the 63-year-old actor throwing two opponents to the floor during an appearance at the All-Russian Sambo Tournament in Saratov.

Check out his moves in the video below:

Watching the entire video shows you just how dominant Seagal could be if he were to use these moves in real life. I was taught martial arts when I was a child. One of the most important rules I learned was that anything I was taught, I could not use those moves on someone else.

Now, if you are me, you’re probably wondering why would I take a karate class if I could not use any of the moves in my own life. Some of the moves in this video above look staged, but if you look at some of Seagal’s hand motions, he is folding his opponent’s hand over, causing excruciating pain. These moves are extremely dangerous and could cause serious damage if not used in a controlled setting.

I guarantee that anyone who is a fan of Seagal will love this video as much as I did.

If you enjoyed this video, check out this compilation video highlighting some of Seagal’s best fight scenes:


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