homeless man

The man I am about to tell you about is named Ronald Davis, and he is homeless. Ronald lives in Chicago and has seen better times, but is going through a rough patch at this stage in his life.

In the powerful video below, Davis explains what he goes through on a daily basis, remembering what he used to have, and why he has hit rock-bottom.

Ronald is not a bum, and he wants those who feel they are above him, or more fortunate than he is, to know that.

Watching and listening to Ronald speak opened my eyes to his struggle. He sleeps in the most inhumane areas, sometimes in the rain, only to be woken up by police telling him to move before businesses open up.

He goes hungry if he is not receiving donations, and he never has a stable source of income. He lives close to a hotel where he can sleep for about $15/night, but this is not a permanent place for him to live.

Check out Ronald’s powerful statement in the video below:

Watching Ronald shake his cup for money is something I can’t imagine ever having to do, but I understand why he has to do it. I also understand how hard it must be for him to find gainful employment. Ronald claims he has applied for multiple jobs, but since he is homeless and has no phone, he never hears back from any of these companies.

I wouldn’t wish this on anyone, and I pray things work out for Ronald.

This story is not just about Ronald. There are many homeless people out there who do not want to be living on the streets. He’s really trying to make it, and there are a lot of factors that are going against him.

I truly hope Ronald can find a job and a permanent place to live. No one deserves to be homeless in America.

If you were moved by Ronald’s story, check out this video about another homeless man who holds two Masters degrees.

Please share this story so the world knows that there are so many people out there who need our help! 

Source: YouTube