red cross donations

Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma caused widespread devastation throughout Texas, Florida, and the Caribbean, and millions of Americans are eager to help in the relief efforts.

However, if you do donate – DO NOT donate to the Red Cross.

It’s already well documented how the Red Cross failed Haiti following the catastrophic earthquake that struck the island nation in 2010. Now, a woman named Wendy Wilkerson Underwood claims to have further exposed Red Cross waste in relation to the Harvey relief effort.

Underwood uploaded a video to Facebook over the weekend where she shows hundreds of brand new donations she claims the Red Cross had thrown in the garbage. As she explains in the video, the Red Cross threw the donations out because they knew they’d get more for Hurricane Irma. As of this writing, the video has been viewed more than 6 million times.

This is just despicable. As Underwood says in the video, local humane societies and charities could put those donations to good use. God bless her for saving those perfectly good donations from the garbage!

The Red Cross is the standard organization that receives donations from many good natured people. But, apparently, they are taking these well-intentioned folks for granted. Red Cross pays its CEO a salary of $500,000. To many donors, that feels like an exorbitant amount when the organization’s mission is charitable. Half a million of the donations the Red Cross receives goes right into the pocket of the top dog.

Donations of all kinds will be needed as Texas and Florida recover from the hurricanes. If you would like to help and ensure that your donations get to people who need them most, it’s imperative to do your research. A good place to start is Charity Navigator.

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