Jerry Lawler

Jerry “the King” Lawler is not exactly known for his women-friendly statements. Unfortunately, he’s done it again, causing him to get a lot of heat from female wrestling fans. Here’s the story.

Sexual Abuse Allegations

Jerry Lawler

For those of you who have been following the story of King, you already know that Jerry Lawler is not the most woman-friendly man in the WWE. However, it seems like some lessons are hard to learn for him since he made quite some unfortunate statements during his podcast Dinner with the King.”

When his co-host asked him if he believed sexual allegations would emerge from his past in the WWE, he would state:

“It appears that eventually anybody that’s ever flirted with anybody, or had any kind of sexual contact with anybody, is all of a sudden you could potentially be a target in the future.”

His co-host then continued to state that he was talking about some serious allegations, more specifically about sex acts unwillingly performed on them, to which Lawler laughed and compared it to a prank. Charming…

There were some more damaging statements made during the Podcast, but we recommend listening to it since some of it is a little too graphic to post here.

Making Statements About the World Today

Unfortunately, Jerry was not done after his statement on the Podcast. He would later give his unbiased opinion on allegations being made today, which of course turned out to be not the smartest thing to say.

“At the time, you’re thinking ‘this is totally harmless.’ But then all of a sudden, 15-years-later, that photograph shows up somewhere … it’s gonna offend somebody.”

“That’s the way the country has become. Everything 99% of the people may think is done in jest, or whatever, and all of a sudden that 1% out there is gonna be offended by it.”

“And that 1% can speak up as loudly as the other 99% cannot.”

Responses from Listeners

The statements were not well-received by most people listening to the podcast. Here are some of the responses posted online.

My Opinion

Even though Jerry made me laugh during the Attitude Era with his “puppies” and “here, kitty,” I’m tired of hearing about these stupid statements. Seriously, the man knows better, but he’s just a jerk. Hit the ignore button, move on, and listen to something a little better. Maybe Talk Is Jericho or Going in Raw are better choices for your weekly Podcast?

What’s your take after listening to King’s podcast?