The split between Del Rio and Paige came as somewhat of a surprise, especially after how hard the couple fought for their relationship. Now, Del Rio has spoken out about their breakup. Here’s the story.

Work Commitments


According to El Patron (Del Rio), he broke the relationship off because of their work commitments. Since Paige rejoined the WWE and trained for her comeback, the couple had very little time together.

“We decided to end our relationship because she’s in Orlando, I’m in San Antonio and now she’s back on the road and the schedule over there is non-stop.”

“I couldn’t go to Orlando because I have three little kids and I was coming home two or three days.”

Well, relationships take time and patience. It would seem like neither could make the sacrifice because of their hectic lives. I do understand it from Paige’s point of view because she is just starting to remake a name for herself in the world of wrestling. If it were me, I wouldn’t give that up for a man either. You could also understand it from Del Rio’s side, especially with his children being in San Antonio.

Breaking the News


Even though there were some rumblings about a possible breakup between Paige and Del Rio, the couple kept their breakup secret until an Alberto gave an interview on “Keeping It 100 with Konnan”.

Alberto Del Rio claims it was his idea to release an official statement regarding the breakup:

“We decided not to say anything. But actually when we were in Canada doing Impact tapings, I talked to Paige and I said: Listen I think it’s about time for us to say something because people… they are starting to realise that we’re not together especially because I was working and with my kids somewhere else and you were hanging out with your friends.”

Blaming Others for the Breakup

It does seem like Del Rio has some bad feelings about the breakup though because he still claims that external parties were somewhat responsible for their relationship going wrong. During a recent interview, Del Rio said the following:

“I don’t know why the people decided to just mess with us and they never let us be.”

“That c… in Orlando which is completely fake because nothing happened. I never hurt her. She never hurt me. It was just internet and people believed in it.”

“And the reason why the Orlando incident that affected my life [was because] so much happened – number one, because I was already suspended, the company and their zero-tolerance thing and me thinking – are they gonna fire her?”

“And, unfortunately for female wrestlers, it’s impossible to exist or nearly impossible to exist out of the WWE.”


Del Rio Rant

Even though Del Rio did not have to make a statement about his personal life, he did nonetheless. Despite the breakup, I hope that both Paige and Del Rio can move on to find their happiness.

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