Bayley Speaks Out About Possible Heel Turn

During an interview with Metro, Bayley made some interesting statements about her character and how it will develop in the future. It is no secret that Bayley experienced some problems connecting to the adult fans, so the little bits of information she released during the interview could be quite interesting indeed. Here are the main things we picked out from the interview!

Talking About a Darker Side for her Character

Many people want to see a darker side of Bayley, but it now seems like Bayley has heard the comments of fans and is ready to adjust her character to be more appealing to adult fans.

“As a performer I need to change in the ring, to be a little bit more aggressive and go about things in a different way rather than Bayley following the rules all the time. I might have to bend the rules a little bit to get what I want this time around.”

Talking About Her Recent Problems with Injury


Everyone knows that Bayley was distraught when she got a shoulder injury during one of her matches. Her injury also removed her from the title picture at the time, which also devastated many of her younger fans. Here is what Bayley said about getting injured and her recovery.

“It was hard for me to watch wrestling because I get really anxious whenever I watch matches. If I see something I like I want to PRACTICE it and try it myself.”

“This sounds like I’m a loser but when I’m feeling down or I need a bit of motivation I do watch old NXT matches because they have some of my FAVORITE memories as a performer in WWE.”

Talking About the Women’s Revolution

There have been several key players in the women’s revolution; this includes Sasha Banks, Charlotte, and Bayley. During the interview, she spoke out about the things that have changed for women in wrestling.

“We’re WWE Superstars now, we’re not Divas anymore and we’re main eventing Raw and having huge matches on Pay-Per-View.”

“Everyone talks about the women’s revolution and all this stuff, but it’s okay to stop mentioning it and start accepting it for what it is. It’s just wrestling, and a lot of us just want to have good matches and be all on one show.”

Talking About Fans Making Hurtful Comments During a Wrestling Match

Recently, a sexist comment was made at a British wrestling show. The comment caused quite an uproar, so the interviewer asked Bayley if she experienced any such hurtful comments during a wrestling match. This is what Bayley said:

“The thing about our shows as John Cena says all the time is that the fans all have their opinion and they can express it which makes our show so cool.”

“I was definitely one of those people, when I went to shows I would yell ‘you suck’ at someone that I didn’t like, or make a mean sign if someone was wrestling my FAVORITE.”


I honestly love Bayley as a person but have not connected with her as a character. Therefore, I’m excited about some of the little character changes she might implement in the future. The interview certainly seems to point that way, so let’s wait and see what she has in store for us in the future.

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