Is Dolph Ziggler Headed For A Feud With Bobby Roode?

If you’ve been watching SmackDown Live lately, you know that Dolph Ziggler’s latest schtick is, well, interesting.

For weeks now, Ziggler has been impersonating various WWE Superstars by doing their iconic entrances, seemingly for no reason other than to make a fool of himself and fill TV time.

But perhaps it’s us who Ziggler is playing for fools, because this whole thing could very well be a set-up for a collision with the one and only Bobby Roode.


The Entrances

This all started when Ziggler returned from a lengthy absence on the Aug. 22 episode of SmackDown Live. In a backstage interview with Dasha Fuentes, he sarcastically proclaimed that he’d finally figured out “what it takes to be a star in WWE.”

Ziggler vowed to introduce the brand new star-quality version of himself on the following week’s episode of SmackDown; but when Aug. 29 rolled around, he revealed he’d pushed back his re-debut another week.

Finally, the next week on Sept. 5, the entrance impersonations began. That night, Ziggler impersonated John Cena, Randy Savage, and Naomi –  complete with glow in the dark Predator hair (sorry, I have no idea what those things are actually called).

The week after that, he performed as Shane McMahon, Bayley, and The Ultimate Warrior.

Finally, on this week’s episode of SmackDown Live, he impersonated Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and D-Generation X.

Again: for a wrestler as talented as Ziggler, this storyline just seems embarrassing. But when you think about it, the Bobby Roode theory actually makes a whole lot of sense.