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You had a terrific weekend and you are back in your cubicle at work. You aren’t sure what to work on or you’re already piled up to your neck in paperwork and need something to lighten your brain. Well, we’ve got just the video to make it happen.

Dogs are man’s best friend, that is until your cat gets jealous of the attention you typically give your dog. While the cat in the video below was sitting by the owner, Lex the lovable house dog knew the cat was in his spot. He tried everything he could to move the cat but had no idea how stubborn cats can be.

From Rumble Video:

There is no way Lex is going to get the cat’s spot on the couch beside their owner. The pair battle it out to determine who gets the seat, but in the end, the cat strikes Lex with a paw and wins the prized position.

Credit: Rumble Video

No matter how much the dog protested the cat sitting in his special spot, that feline wasn’t moving.

Have you ever seen a cat act so territorial in front of a dog? Would you have sided with the dog or the cat? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Rumble Viral

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