The Great Khali Is Not Returning to the WWE

Despite making a surprise appearance last month at WWE Battleground The Great Khali doesn't seem to be coming back to WWE for good.

The appearance of the Great Khali during WWE Battleground has been one of the most discussed returns of the years. Of course, for all the wrong reasons.

After the Great Khali’s appearance during WWE Battleground, there were some rumors that the Great Khali could be returning to wrestling in the WWE. Now, it seems that his appearance was a one off.

Roster Mentioning Removed

Shortly after the Khali made his appearance at WWE Battleground, he was added to the SmackDown roster. He was mentioned as an active wrestler, only to be removed a little later. Now, WWE lists Khal, once again, in their Alumni section.

Not Advertised for Future WWE Live Events

Another indicator that makes it seem like the Great Khali’s return was only temporary is the fact that he is not booked for future WWE Live Events. When a wrestler makes a longer return to the company, us wrestling reporters can usually deduct that return from bookings. At this time, there are no bookings for the Great Khali.

Did the WWE Contemplate a Return for the Great Khali?

The fact that Khali was mentioned on the active roster after WWE Battleground does make it seem like the WWE was contemplating a return for the Indian giant. Of course, the reaction from WWE fans to his return has been anything but favorable.

There are many reasons why some fans had a negative response to the return of the Great Khali, but the main problem has to do with Jinder Mahal and his title run. Jinder’s title run has been drenched in controversy; this includes rumors of illegal substance abuse and the WWE focusing on the Indian market alone.

The reason why the Great Khali was chosen to return at WWE Battleground mainly had to do with the Indian audience, at least according to Dave Meltzer. Jinder does not seem to be resonating with the Indian audience as the WWE had hoped, so they counted on national hero the Great Khali to put Jinder over.

Did the WWE do right? No, at least in my humble opinion. You should never use one star to elevate another, just think about the Rock and Roman Reigns. It just does not work that way!

Who Deserves to Be Champion?

Let it be said, I would rather have Jinder Mahal as a champion than Randy Orton. Orton had his title run, and his title run was underwhelming to say it nicely.

Even though there are loads of people that are deserving of the title at this point, the three people I’d put forward are K.O., A.J. Styles, and Shinsuke Nakamura. K.O. and A.J. is unlikely since they are in a title battle already.

Who do you believe is worthy of the title? Also, would you have liked to see the Great Khali back in the WWE? Let us know your unsalted opinions and comments in the comment section below, and we will be more than happy to read them all!

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