Hulk Hogan Returning to WWE Soon? Two Legends Weigh In!

Is Hulk Hogan returning to WWE? After his banishment from the company over a leaked racially charged tirade, it looked like Hogan was set to be erased from WWE lore. But recently we’ve seen the Hulkster creep-up in promo packages for the WWE Network. It is fueling speculation that the biggest draw in the history of wrestling may be making a comeback. On Jerry Lawler’s podcast, King and Jimmy Hart discussed the possibility of the Hulkster’s return.

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Here’s what the King and the Mouth of the South had to say. Transcript via PWI:

Lawler: “In the wrestling world, you nerve say never. I thought it was way big overreaction what happened with Hulk in this most recent situation — the reason why he’s not in WWE at the moment. But I think that has definitely blown over. It was never a big deal to begin with. And I don’t think anybody even thinks about that anymore. I do think a lot of people would like to see Hulk come back. I think, right now, the ball is in Hulk’s court. If he wants to come back, I think he would definitely be able to come back.”

Hart: “You have seen clips of the Hulk being sprinkled into video packages lately on WWE programming. So I think one day that Hulk will be back where he deserves to be, with the WWE. I really do.”

It is interesting that Lawler says the ball is in Hogan’s court. Usually, it is the other way around with WWE having the final say. But Hogan is not wanting for money. After successfully suing Gawker for defamation and a surgeon over malpractice, Hulkamania is running wild with cash.

On a personal note, I thought Hulk’s most recent stint in WWE was great. He was a great judge on Tough Enough. I think most fans have moved on from Hogan’s mistakes. They’ve forgiven lesser wrestlers for doing worse things.

What if Hulk Hogan returns?

However, if Hulk Hogan is returning to WWE there needs to be a plan for him. There’s no sense in putting him on a pre-show panel or having him just cut a promo every now and again. Make him a manager or an authority figure. Similar to having Kurt Angle on TV every Monday, Hulk’s return could be a big television boost.

Why not make him an authority figure on NXT? What better way to bridge the old and new then by making the biggest star in the history of the business work with up and comers? Hogan has decades of wisdom that he can give the young talent. Furthermore, it would be a great way to get more eyes on the developmental product. Surely people would flock to NXT just to get a look at Hogan in his element. Can you imagine a stand-off between Hulk Hogan and Bobby Roode? Ok, it happened in TNA but still! This is how WWE can build a brand and elevate new talent!

What do you think? Should Hogan return to WWE? share your thoughts.